Reply To: Metaphysics and the Matter With Things: Thinking With Iain McGilchrist

  • Joseph Woodhouse

    April 1, 2024 at 12:01 pm

    Hello Christina, I was there for most of the talks and will review all the videos once they are posted. I also participated in the discussion break out Zoom sessions and would be interested in contacting any of the individuals I met there. I found the conference to be a powerful life changing gathering of some of the most wise, creative, epistemically open people on this planet; a true example of the type of community needed to amplify the countercurrent to the ongoing collapse of global civilization. I am open to further discussion with you and others that were able to attend. I would have attended in person but it was sold out before I received notification so I am very interested in hearing more about your in person experience.

    Thought I might share one of my artworks that came to mind as I read your post called: Ark of Awareness