Reply To: Is the primary flaw more in the LH's or RH's operation?

  • Desmond Rice

    March 26, 2024 at 9:54 am

    A great question! I wonder whether the LH dominance is related more to our conditioning by the cultural norms of society. In modern day society we are more likely to “reward” those who can “do” things and make things which we believe will improve society and so make us happier. (Even though they may not). As modern society praises those who succeed, in these areas, we, since we are infants become accustomed to hearing LH activities being praised and RH competencies diminished. Perhaps, therefore, to have society society move more to RH control we (only 😁) need to encourage and reward the 4 pillars that Iain speaks of; goodness, truth, beauty and the sacred.