Reply To: Hemispherectomy in Adults

  • Luke Haskett

    March 2, 2024 at 5:40 am

    Morning Whit, having pondered this some more I think I am feeling happy to incorporate this paper in the following light – while the surgery might occur in adults, it leads to little loss of function where onset of epilepsy was very early in life because the brain has long before reorganised itself. This in itself is an incredible possibility afforded our brains as dual hemispheric, this high level redundancy.

    Of course, if a hemispherectomy were to be performed on a ‘healthy’ adult, there would be substantial difficulties and changes. I think this is the point that I needed to get my head around.

    I’m very glad I finally joined this community as no one at my University, certainly not the professors, would engage with any of this sadly.