• sjahari hollands

    February 25, 2024 at 7:28 pm

    I am looking mainly for specific examples where these ideas are being applied in the work we do as physicians.

    I will give one.

    As an Internist in a community hospital I was extremely busy with very long days. The time I had available to see patients was very limited.

    Nevertheless in my career I never had the complaint from patients that I didnt spend enough time with them. And that is often the complaint when people see their doctors. They come away saying that he barely interacted with them. I would probably have spent less time with them myself and yet the patients had the sense that I was taking all the time in the world.

    I believe that was due to the level of sustained attention (RH) I was bring to the interaction. And the time we had together seemed like an eternity (duration).

    The biggest complaint that people have in medicine across the board is that there is not enough time. I believe this is because we have lost that sense of enchantment that can expand a few seconds into an eternity.