• Don Salmon

    February 24, 2024 at 9:02 pm

    Hi all – psychologist here, involved in complementary/mind-body medicine, using mindfulness for pain management, CBT-I for insomnia, and much more.

    All 3 letters are quite beautifully stated.

    A friendly challenge; i don’t see anything concrete in what all have summarized from Iain’s work that is fundamentally different from the mechanical/organic duality that has been well articulated in various complementary medicine writings over the past 50 years.

    This is not a critique of iain’s work – it’s important, as he writes often in defense of his neurological thesis, to reach people this way who otherwise flatly reject integrative medicine.

    But I often wonder – since neuroscience AND biology are at present so permeated with physicalist and dualist assumptions – how much do we lose by elevating materialist science above contemplative writings which – to me at least – have infinitely more dimensions of consciousness developed over thousands of years than any of our current attempts to link neuroscience and consciousness?

    not a critique – just something to inspire further contemplation.