Reply To: Self-Reference (and its relative Absence) as a Fundamental Issue

  • Niels Hoffmann

    February 7, 2024 at 5:06 pm

    Your Brain Operates at the Edge of Chaos.<div>


    You really are brilliant at finding impossible ideas.

    Iain has clearly defined the difference of the two thought systems.

    LH is sequential processing and RH is propper intelligent processing, the Sacred.

    What is propper intelligent emergent processing, from order to order to order…?

    It is the Right Hemisphere: The New Math of Life.

    It negates the LH fear of complexity. The RH is noncomplex complexity.

    It sounds Miraculous; indeed, it is as it is in Nature!

    It takes attention as we need to increase awareness to a certain level where a need for RH cognition can be recognised?

    I notice my writing over a year ago has been removed from the members area. I am still waiting for Ian’s response as he showed an interest in it, ca 14 month ago!

    The invitation is to Iain as well. I accept Iain’s work as exceptional, empirically.

    But this is an opportunity for understanding the ART of creating Algorithms.

    Niels Bohr to David Bohm:” Quantum Mechanics is not a theory it’s an Algorithm.

    When the QM algorithm is expanded by the RH algorithms, we have solved the major problem of paradoxes in physics and science as well as systemic problems.

    Roger Penrose sees this as something subtle we have overlooked.

    A group between 7 and 10 partipants

    With love,

    Brother Nelson.