Reply To: Support?

  • Joseph Woodhouse

    January 16, 2024 at 1:37 pm

    Hi Jena, Its no secret that for me Ian is one of the greatest wise men and teachers on the planet. I notice his conversations, for instance, the one between Ian, Daniel Schmachtenberger and John Vervaeke. Daniel in his conversation with Nate Hagens on AI has pointed to Ian as a leading generator of the countercurrent of wisdom and love to the self terminating activity of the global super organism. I live in Iowa and my concern is the mental imbalance that is underlying global civilization collapse and evident here last night as 50 some percent of Republicans voted for the monstrous, insane Donald Trump as a candidate for President with Evangelicals thinking he is Jesus. I contribute with these artworks that point to qualities of everyday awareness that amplify the countercurrent. All the best Jenna… your work is extremely important to the ultimate survival of human beings who are currently on the accelerating path to self obliteration. Love…. Joseph Woodhouse