Reply To: Self-Reference (and its relative Absence) as a Fundamental Issue

  • Gary

    December 25, 2023 at 8:44 pm

    So, the implication is that the left hemisphere is not inclined toward direct self-reference in response to paradox but the right hemisphere is all set to deal with ‘re-entry into the form’ as a means of responding to and resolving paradox. When paradox arises, the left hemisphere is ‘stuck’. Its job is to enact the calculus of indications through making ‘distinctions’ via separation. But it is only adequately prepared to do this at the ‘first-order’ level. When we get up to the ‘second-order’ level and paradox becomes possible, then the right hemisphere is called in to resolve incommensurable contradiction and paradox through the introduction of continuous cyclical time via its operation in the frequency domain. With the introduction of continuous time as a primordium of continuity that serves as a mediating foundation of ‘Thirdness’ (in the ‘New List of Categories’ of Charles Sanders Peirce that also includes ‘Firstness’ and ‘Secondness’), paradox can be resolved through circular alternation and converted from an incommensurable bind to a dynamic complementarity. And what was an unresolvable split, or a bound-down polarizing lock-up, is mediated into a generative harmonization. So that, in fact, it is ‘the Medium that is the Message’ as McLuhan insisted. Without the medium there can be no communication, and without real communication (or connecting ‘trans-action’), there can be no living existence.