Reply To: Sense of self & the hemispheres

  • Mike Todd

    August 8, 2023 at 12:07 am

    Hi Whit,

    Just hedge-hopping – this week is chock-full of family engagements and other unavoidables.

    As I understand it, Strawson’s focus is on what could be called meta-narrative, circumscribing conceptual/psychological stories used to structure and lend meaning to one’s entire sense of self. My proposal concerns a far more granular kind of narrative – the ways we implicitly make sense of and relate to perceptions especially and other conscious mentation, which in turn influence the ways we come to make sense of and relate to ourselves. (With the caveat that the arrow of influence is bidirectional.)

    In any event, I’ll refresh my understanding of Strawson nearer the weekend, just to make sure he hasn’t already debunked me.

    I also need to refresh my understanding of the main theories in the philosophy of perception, again to make sure that I haven’t already been debunked, and also to verify that I haven’t merely repackaged an established theory. (Cherry-picking ideas is nothing to be ashamed of; wholesale theft, on the other hand…)