Reply To: Hello! I’m happy to be here

  • Andrei Micu

    July 21, 2023 at 5:57 pm

    Hello Lucy,

    Your story has taken me through several feelings, you’ve been through so many challenges. I can imagine your partial loss of hearing weighs on your life and, through blending with life, you found a more deep hearing sense, on the spiritual dimension. I hope I understood it well.

    What I admire and I find inspiring from your story is the fact that you didn’t give up searching for the group to meditate with, and for the teacher to guide you. If you didn’t feel it in your bones yet, you didn’t feel it yet, and you continued. That’s what I should also keep in mind when searching or building a community.

    You took refuge in the sanga. I know mentally and imaginatively what it means, though I never got to take refuge in a group so far, only in my home, my home inside me.

    It’s sounds very natural, what you say about your lama, guiding you on your path, saying that you never left it. I have a feeling that you got to know how it is to be your true self, more than enough to not want to be something else. It’s the highest way of being.

    I still haven’t grasped enough the timeless nature of the true self. This is something that I think it’s a bit further down my path, and I have a lot to meditate until there, though I will get there without time, it’s the only way.

    It may sound awkward in words, but I think you will understand, so here goes: I appreciate you being the way you are. You live your life growing your soul, transforming yourself such that it comes into this world more deeply. I feel it. There is my form in this world that is conscious of you now, and I will support you when you feel in your bones that it’s needed. I’m one message away. How and if I will get to help you, I cannot know now, but you already know this, the moment can only tell.