Reply To: Hello! I’m happy to be here

  • Andrei Micu

    July 10, 2023 at 7:35 pm

    Hey, I’m back! In the last two days I got some time in the evening to look through the websites I received from you, Mike.

    Yesterday I intended to write here, but I had this feeling that something’s odd. I was like something’s missing from the communities I read about, on their websites.

    First there is the fact that most of the communities revolve around a group of people with “Phd” in frond of their name. Generally I’m fond of academia, but the fact that the majority of main persons on these websites have Phds strikes me as uncanny.

    Secondly, judging by the materials posted, I see that the “networking” in these websites is a star-like networking, as opposed to the mesh networking which I see as more natural and appealing to me. Star-like because there is usually 1-3 main speakers and people asking questions to those speakers. What I’m more interested in is the mesh-like networking, where all people talk respectfully with each other and anyone can take the word at any time.
    Krishnamurti had plenty of such discussions/seminars:

    Do you know of any communities where events are organized with this kind of networking?

    I also watched a video today with Alastair McIntosh, and heard some really nice suggestions for forming communities: