Reply To: Hello! I’m happy to be here

  • Andrei Micu

    July 5, 2023 at 5:48 pm

    Hello Mike,

    These days I’m struggling with social responsibilities and a complication at work. I’ll sort things out, but for now I don’t think I’ll have the time to retreat to my metaphorical hut (probably until next week).

    Of course, curiosity pulled me all the time, to check a bit more from what I found out from you. I haven’t had time to understand deeply what SMN, Galileo and SAND do, but I got an idea about what they have in common: merging together science and spirituality.

    I saw that Galileo and SAND address the main fallacy of today’s science regarding matter, from a non-dual/non-materialistic perspective. A while ago, Rupert Spira has opened my mind to the fact that the majority of the scientific world actually ASSUMES matter is what everything is made of, and that personal experience tells us otherwise. In Iain’s talks I heard this aspect being discussed from different angles as well. It didn’t take me much meditation to discover myself: whatever we call matter is an abstract notion, never complete, another map as Iain would say. We may never know how skewed or incomplete our map is. To take this skewed concept and develop a whole corpus of study on it is madness.

    Regarding the video you just shared: It’s a pleasant surprise to hear that Carl Jung talked about the toxic aspects of the pseudospiritual world. I’ve fallen pray to several spiritual speakers in the past, right in the times when I needed help the most. I can say on one hand that they helped me cope psychologically, but on the other hand, listening to them wasn’t much different from what I heard about taking antidepressants (though I never took any in my life so far). After realizing from Krishnamurti’s teachings that accepting authority of any kind is detrimental, I began to see in other teachers the activity of their ego/left side. Every teacher who creates an authority in himself/herself is not really intending to help. If you need to give him/her something in order to hear the “real thing”, or you need to come back to him/her in order to know what to do in a certain situation, then better stop. This was one toxicity I discovered, and another was the use of mental objects to describe consciousness and create taxonomies over taxonomies (you can find this in Buddhism a lot: chakras, stages of enlightenment, etc). All these are the hindering caused by the left brain, putting our attention on the abstract.

    I like to keep this conversation going, so of course, whenever I have the feeling that there’s something worth mentioning and checking it with you, I’ll post here.

    Many thanks for the video!