Reply To: Hello! I’m happy to be here

  • Carole Chevrette

    July 2, 2023 at 11:35 pm

    Yes much information, many areas of understand using mind and body

    Andrei – welcome we need all people of diverse disciplines to awake to awareness and create with awareness

    Iain describes how historically the act of learning was a combination of right and left brain activity – creations of the oldest Bridges, churches, art, poetry and so forth..

    I Believe he describes how we have devalue the right brain over the left – drying out the creative life that created …

    Know thyself was the most important thing ions ago – it continus to be the most important action we can take

    Simply knowing yourself in the moment in the action – as part of the whole

    Simply awaking to the whole of the body from head to toe awareness

    Loving one self to able ourselves to love in one’s environment

    Look at the simple