Reply To: Psychotherapy with LH patients

  • Lucy Fleetwood

    June 15, 2023 at 1:59 pm

    Hi Don, ‘prana shakti’ interesting to read this. I work as an Ayurvedic coach with people between stages 1-4 of the disease process, training with the American Institute of Vedic Studies. I’m also a Tibetan Buddhist of 14 years. I am still learning 🙂 I wondered if TMWT addresses the idea of prana, and also the Tibetan Buddhist concept of mind (I haven’t read it yet).

    I have conversations with my Buddhist friends about AI and they will say, but Lucy AI cannot touch the mind. I find myself baffled in relation to AI and possible implants in the future, connecting the human brain to a machine, and how this impacts our humanness in relation to our (Buddhist concept of) mind, and in relation to prana (I’m still not quite sure how to think about prana in relation to the Buddhist ideas of mind).

    I guess these thoughts are a little off track with this thread. I need a better understanding of Iain’s thoughts in relation to the RH. Am I right in thinking that Iain explains the RH is the part of the brain that connects with the spiritual/animated/God/other word/ aspect of life while the LH doesn’t?

    One thing that does work for me in life though, in relation to working with people and living life, is to connect from my heart, the rest flows from there. How does the heart fit with it all? For a Buddhist the heart is the mind (as opposed to the brain), there maybe no words but there is knowing.

    When you have a traumatic experience, if you are in the company of someone who knows that experience and has moved through it to a place of healing, just being in their company can shift things for you. On the other hand you could talk till the cows came home to someone that had theories but not the experience, and stay stuck. I think that is what the heart brings, a mind that operates beyond the limited function of words and LH reasoning.

    Well, I am rambling, but all these different rambles, do go together 🙂 I’m just still in flow with my thoughts.