Reply To: Psychotherapy with LH patients

  • Nic Hartshorne

    June 8, 2023 at 7:21 am

    Hi Don,

    I’m not sure, is the answer, I haven’t done any analysis, its just a general sense, maybe I’m focusing my attention on this more? My clinical experience spans twenty-four years, with a diverse population. I haven’t noticed a correlation between socio-economic groups, or gender, perhaps I see it more in people under forty.

    I notice a lack of meaning, a lack of conceptualising the whole, an aversion to stay with uncertainty and the not knowing. More dysregulation, and trauma symptoms.

    I see organisations such as the NHS and professional bodies, working from what I would class as left hemisphere dominant states.

    Social media may well play a part; I know a colleague is doing some research into this.

    I hope we can continue this dialogue, as I think it’s an important one for therapists.