Reply To: Dr Mark Vernon's talk, A Revolution in Attention

  • Don Salmon

    May 21, 2023 at 4:04 pm


    Perhaps you can do me a favor? Over at our website, http://www.RememberToBe.Life, we’re inviting people to shift attention with rather little reference to conventional practices (we do some simple things like breath watching or what we call “breathing with words,” but for the most part we’re inviting people simply to look more closely at their everyday experience).

    I took some recent neurological findings about different modes or states of the brain and tried to put it in VERY simple everyday language. It’s the 2nd video on the home page, if you scroll down a bit, the one on effortlessness.

    In Iain’s language, it’s contrasting LH and RH attention – but as I’ve said a lot in these forums, my experience, in practical terms, is that you can’t really separate out LH and RH this way; in our actual experience, it’s always mixed. It’s very helpful, I think, to make these distinctions, but after you’ve made the distinctions I think it’s good to forget about them.

    I think the distinction of effortful/tense attention vs flow or effortless attention is much more helpful. LH and RH, to some extent, depend on conceptual understanding, whereas you can feel very powerfully right in the moment the extent to which you’re exerting stressful, effortful, tense energy or allowing (and again, you’ll find in experience that there’s always a lended mix of effort and effortlessness).

    If you have the time – I think the video is about 8 or 9 minutes – I’d love to hear your reflections.