Reply To: Dr Mark Vernon's talk, A Revolution in Attention

  • Don Salmon

    May 20, 2023 at 8:57 pm

    hi Sjahari, great question.

    If “soul” means a focus of one infinite ocean of consciousness, it has a whole different feel than the idea of a “soul-entity,” which so much of Buddhism takes great pains to deny.

    In a way, there’s no more such a thing as a tree-entity or “rock-entity” than a soul-entity. But we don’t say “trees don’t exist” or “rocks don’t exist.”

    What is the feeling “I am.” what is the feeling “I am” that feels the “same” when it looked out through 7 year old eyes and 70 year old eyes.

    What is the feeling “I am” that maintains awareness from the waking into dreaming into the sleep state?

    Those who have remained stably awake to this I am say that it remains similarly aware through the end of the body into other subtler states, and back into another body.