Reply To: Dr Mark Vernon's talk, A Revolution in Attention

  • sjahari hollands

    May 15, 2023 at 11:53 pm

    After listening to Mark’s talk, I got his book on Dante’s Inferno on Audio and am working my way through it.

    Dipping into the Paradisio it seems clear to me that Dante must have experienced a kind of ascension of the soul like both Jesus and Mohammed experienced. There are many stories in the indigenous cultures that describe something similar. The spiritual guide of my spiritual practice also experienced this and it was the basis of Subud (that practice). the unique thing about Dante is that he had the ability to approach the experience poetically.

    Now Iian in his work skirts around all this but does not address it directly.

    I see the RH as a tool for the soul, just like the LH is. But it is not the soul itself. It seems that the soul has access to that realm of all the primal stuff (unus Mundi?) And that there is a life in that realm which Dante and these others experienced.

    ANy thoughts?