Reply To: Beset by division

  • Paul

    May 12, 2023 at 8:29 am

    Hi Mike

    Don’t know much about this but I did have a couple of thoughts.

    You are not the only one effected- I see a couple of other users with the same issue and it isn’t random but the same users every time. I don’t know enough to understand why you’re getting the same thing on both your ps4 and your tablet but that is interesting. Is the internet connection both cases 4g or are you going via a router to adsl or vdsl? If it is a router connection, is it ‘public’ wifi system (i.e. a shared, intranet connection like you might find in a cafe or university)?

    Either way I’d first try a different browser after making sure the tablet software is fully up to date. If it is an old tablet I’d wonder if it is running a legacy version of the browser (still, won’t explain why this happens on ps4 but worth wondering about).

    Brave browser and chrome seem to work fine here. If you’re using an Apple tablet you might find that you are defaulting to Safari. I do find Safari a little infuriating and prone to strange problems.

    Finally, there is a forum posting app called Tapatalk which is famously awful and worth avoiding at all costs.


    Edit: Terrific post title by the way 😆