Reply To: Daniel Dennet's claim that consciousness is an illusion

  • sjahari hollands

    May 10, 2023 at 2:32 am

    Hi Rodney and Zak.

    I will find the references. Jung’s highest aspiration was to be a scientist. He wanted his discoveries about the archetypes to be confirmed scientifically and was disappointed that it couldnt happen in his life time. He sensed that this should be possible and predicted that one day it would happen. It has in the last few years. I can give you the references that support this current work.

    My own view is that Iain’s work dovetails perfectly with the ideas I outlined. He is on the same page as Atsmansbacher on this idea of panentheism or Neutral monism.

    Let’s talk about myth and metaphor. Iain is constantly referencing them. They are a reality in the way of life and relationships. We could talk about the myth of the Mother. It exists in us. All of us. It is a way of being in the world.

    To think that the only things that exist are the things we see in the physical world is an attitude of the LH.

    To understand that there is also a world of existence, the world of the psyche, made essentially of the same stuff that the physical world is made of, brings us closer to an understanding of what our lives are about.

    Myths are real. The metaphors in these myths are actually pointing to something that exists. They are a part of reality, just as much as the chair I am sitting on is.

    Jung named these metaphors archetypes. He discovered and described many of them and how they work.