Reply To: Inhibitory neurons at play between L+R prefrontal cortex

  • Rodney Marsh

    May 4, 2023 at 12:12 pm

    I’m sorry Don, but I am not familiar with Chaudhuri. I do however agree that A C Grayling could be right about Iain’s conclusions from his neurological research going beyond the neurological evidence. But Iain does that with good reason. It is stupid to base a civilisation on one half of the brain and thinking that any activity or belief that cannot be proven justified by Science or Reason has no valid basis. Who lives like that? No one. So Grayling also could be wrong. Grayling doesn’t respect the conclusion of Master – Emmisary because he does not accept any conclusions based on 2 of the 4 of McGs ways of knowing. He does not allows intuition and imagination as valid bases in gaining true knowledge. Grayling is going to have to do better than just an affirmation of error by McG. He must encounter and rebut Iain’s arguments on why Science and Reason are limited and why Intutition and Imagination can be included in evidence for reality. What Iain says, I think, is right, at least it affirms the intuitions (and beliefs) I hold about the nature of what is and because it explains my experience. Scientism (Naturalism) view that allows only the so called ‘objective’ ‘view from nowhere’ must be rejected. It is pure magic (with absolutely no evidence) to affirm that being and consciousness arise from matter.

    Your question:

    Not in terms of teaching others, but for yourself – after obviously having read many of the greatest mystics, saints, sages, etc – was there anything specifically in your own prayer practice that was new for you – I mean in terms of practice, not in terms of interesting information about the brain – that occurred when reading McGilchrist?

    There is a Buddhist story I heard about a farmer who purchased land. He wanted to grow vegetables. He dug one well. Dry! Then another, then another etc, until his whole land was pockmarked with wells. In despair, he sold the land. The new own chose one well and went deeper. Water! He farmed successfully. So, if you don’t strike water- keep digging where you are – don’t fall for the next fad. Even the Dali Lama discouraged Westerners from becoming Buddhists. He instead recommended that they dig deeper in their own tradition.

    My Answer to your specific: ‘Yes’… my life has been deeply affect by McG in so many ways, BUT also ‘No’.

    The ‘No’ answer:

    1. My actual practice has not changed at all! …. twice daily 30 min.

    2. The LH ego in me wants to say what I am doing differently, but these are techniques and not the Tao. If I try to speak the Tao (which I cannot anyway) I stain the Logos. So to the adiaphera (things indifferent, not required – which is everything since pure prayer (meditation) is simple and simplifying – just being in, with).

    3.Here’s a few things that have been affected by what Iain says. At the end of my meditation period I recite some traditional Christian prayers. I heard a poet say that poems (in order to be understood) need to be spoken out loud and learned by heart. I think that repetition of phrases give the LH something to pay attention to whilst still allowing the RH to be open. As with the mantra I find that if I am distracted by thought I miss my place in the prayers, so in that way it is an active extension of silent meditation.