Reply To: The world is not a problem – Iain McGilchrist and Dougald Hine

  • Don Salmon

    May 1, 2023 at 2:17 pm

    what a fascinating discussion. It’s unfortunate – from the bit I saw – that there seems to be no distinction between left hemisphere religious beliefs and integrated hemisphere/mind-body-world contemplative awareness.

    The idea that someone can go through life believing in religion in a way that doesn’t take into account the realities of death is astonishing. It reinforces my sense, since the early 1970s. that the last people I’d ever want to talk with about spirituality are people involved in religion or academia!!!

    Imagine Buddhist or Christian monk never contemplating death! “I die daily,” Paul said (I think it was Paul)

    The Buddhist teaching of impermanence.

    There’s a point, when your mind is absolutely quiet, when you actually feel, viscerally, as a sensation more real than the feeling of your body, that the whole universe is utterly dissolving at every moment. Death is occurring always, and rebirth always.