Reply To: The world is not a problem – Iain McGilchrist and Dougald Hine

  • Zak Safra

    May 1, 2023 at 1:02 pm

    Hi Don,

    lots of gems in what you wrote. Don’t laugh, but I asked ChatGPT to summarize all the books you mentioned, they look really good:

    The author mentions several books throughout the text. Here is a list of the books mentioned:

    1. “Secret and Sublime” by Jon Blofeld
    2. “The Experience of God: “Existence Consciousness Bliss”” by David Bentley Hart
    3. “Into the Silent Land” by Father Martin Laird
    4. A book on nonduality by David Loy (no specific title mentioned)
    5. A book on Dzogchen by B. Alan Wallace (no specific title mentioned)