Reply To: The world is not a problem – Iain McGilchrist and Dougald Hine

  • Julie Bush

    April 30, 2023 at 4:51 pm

    I loved this discussion (will watch it again to really digest) I love (and totally agree) with what Iain says about death and that it isn’t a problem or a predicament – the frame of our 80yrs or so is the very thing that gives it meaning and shape. It, strangely, reminds me of test cricket – which sounds a bit odd – but the frame of the 5 days of a test match actually make the story and narrative and beauty of cricket work. They tried a ‘timeless’ test that had no frame or end and it ruined the theatre and story and elegance of the game.

    Also agree with how changing attention can quickly and hugely impact us. I recently have started mindful eating and thought it would be a slight shift and have some element of gratitude involved, yet I have been astonished at its impact and how transformational a thing it is becoming for me.