Reply To: the zen garden in the Ryoanji Temple

  • Zak Safra

    April 28, 2023 at 11:56 am

    Hi Lucy,

    I think Iain’s writing in general, and with many examples in particular, have made me feel that way — seeing the world in a new way. Iain speaks so much about the attention we bring to the world, how we attend to the world, that in itself is probably the most powerful lesson I have learned. That a meaningful, connected outlook — It’s all there, waiting for us, we just have to find it in ourselves, and we have agency in the matter, we can try for it. If anything, we must say learn to say no to what we know isn’t the right path, and allow our other mode of attention to come flooding in. Hope that makes sense in a not to weird way!

    The Zen gardens of Kyoto, specifically, really did open my eyes in a new way. I felt humbled and inspired by their beauty and profundity.

    Thank you for your reply 🙂