Reply To: Counterfactuals

  • Don Salmon

    March 20, 2023 at 12:30 pm

    regarding your last comment, I’m not sure I understand how you’re using the words knowing, unknowing, explicit and implicit.

    but you inspired me to try something. I was asked back in September to write comments in various groups to encourage activity here (it was quite quiet for the first few months). I’m glad to see it’s more active – somewhat – but my main interest in Iain’s work relates to contemplative practice.

    I’ve been trying to get a conversation started around practice but so far haven’t had any luck.

    I think in response to your question I’m thinking of trying again – starting a new group. The title at the moment is something like

    TMAHE and TMWT and the Kingdom of God (or Brahman or Allah or the Tao or the Dharmadatu or the Power of Now or whatever language you’d like to use!)

    The idea is, toward the end of TMWT Iain gives a lot of attention to God, but has been hesitant (surprisingly to me, in a very left hemisphere way) about suggesting any practices (assuming, from a LH hemisphere perspective and a very Protestant perspective, that “practice” is purely LH and therefore inappropriate for contemplative life).

    I thought I would just start by posting various practices from different contemplative traditions, without much (if any) analysis or explanation, and see if anyone is interested.

    If you have any ideas about what might be interesting for this group, please let me know. I’d much rather write about knowing and unknowing in a practice context rather than intellectually – if that makes any sense.

    Here’s a start:

    Practice: Turning Awareness Upon Itself

    <font color=”#674ea7″>Find a quiet space and notice the thoughts floating through your consciousness. </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″>Notice that there are thoughts and the one who sees the thoughts. </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″>There are emotions and the one who feels the emotions. </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″>There is a body and the one who sees and feels the body and its sensations. </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″>Who is it that notices the thoughts, emotions, sensations, and body? </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″>Who or what is here that is beyond the movement of thought, emotions, and sensations? </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″>Who is it that is here and inhabits this body? </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″>Rest and experience what you are beyond the movements of mind. </font>

    <font color=”#e69138″>While sitting quietly, contemplate these questions: </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″>Who am I when no thought is present? </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″> Who is it that observes thoughts? </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″>What does this presence that I am, feel like? </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″> Can I feel and experience the spaciousness and silence of my own nature? </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″>What is here that is already perfectly quiet and universally good? </font>

    <font color=”#e69138″> Allow awareness to notice the thoughts, emotions, and sensations floating through your consciousness.</font>

    <font color=”#cc0000″> Now, stop looking outward and allow awareness to turn inward and look directly at your own self. </font>

    <font color=”#cc0000″>Rest here, in this space of silence and luminosity. </font>

    <font color=”#cc0000″> If you find yourself lost in thought again, simply turn awareness upon itself again.</font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″> Become aware of awareness and rest here. </font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″>Smile and let go into the beauty and silence of your true nature.</font>

    <font color=”#674ea7″> When you have completed your formal meditation practice of turning awareness upon itself and you are walking forward throughout your day, keep these questions in mind: </font>

    <font color=”#d5a6bd”>Can I notice the quiet presence of awareness, right here, right now? </font>

    <font color=”#d5a6bd”>Can I notice that there is a quiet presence continually witnessing every moment of my everyday life? </font>

    <font color=”#d5a6bd”>Can I notice that this awareness requires no effort, no doing?</font>

    <font color=”#d5a6bd”>Do I realize that I am awake awareness already, right here and right now?

    Holliday, Craig. Yoga of Liberation: A heart-based path to spiritual awakening (p. 47). Kindle Edition.