Reply To: Counterfactuals

  • Don Salmon

    March 18, 2023 at 5:41 pm

    I think you said it quite beautifully toward the end.

    letting go of this ‘knowing” explicit self and allowing the simplicity, effortlessness of unknowing.

    I just heard a friend give a marvelous example of this, something we all know.

    When we were little children, and went outside in the late evening to look at the night sky, we were’t seeking self improvement, we weren’t trying to have some “experience,” we were just naturally, spontaneously, effortlessly THERE – absorbed in the wonder and beauty of that expanse.

    And we all have spontaneous movements of this – an example i often give is the one you cited, caring for a child in a way that calls for that deeper effortless intuitive knowing. Many have it playing music or playing basketball or walking in nature.

    The key, to me is to not depend on the person you’re giving your loving attention to, the sport, the natural setting, etc but to learn to shift in any moment into that effortless, spontaneously aware state.