Reply To: Psychometric Scales regarding LH and RH activity

  • Matt Dorsey

    October 15, 2022 at 4:49 pm

    Hi Sebastian,

    That’s incredibly interesting. Before I got into Chinese / Integrative medicine, I did a BS in psychology and was considering doing a master’s so that I could do psychedelic research (and/or become a therapist).

    I’m not familiar with any psychometric scales that are used for this purpose, but I wonder if you could also use some kind of test that can infer L/H balance.

    For example, you could assess novel metaphor comprehension. In the paper ‘Activating the Right Hemisphere Through Left-Hand Muscle Contraction Improves Novel Metaphor Comprehension’, the researchers demonstrated that repeated left hand contraction was in fact able to increase volunteer’s ability to pick up on new metaphors.