Reply To: Introduction

  • Matt Dorsey

    October 15, 2022 at 4:43 pm

    I was not familiar with manas and buddhi, but that seems to overlay quite nicely with the different ways the hemispheres perceive reality, based on how you phrased everything.

    In my experience, with any kind of practice like breathwork or internal QiGong (as we would call it in our tradition) practices that require that you put your attention in a particular part of the body, I often see that many people will struggle in a way that suggests that they are overly left hemisphere dominant.

    It seems likely to me that directly sensing the body ‘from the inside’ would be a wholly RH activity, as it contains the body image and is far more in touch with the body on an experiential level.

    If I were talking to a particularly LH dominant patient, and trying to get him or her to ‘feel your hand from the inside’, this may not compute, whereas for someone who perhaps has more interhemispheric balance, this idea will be immediately groked and I won’t have to further explain.