Reply To: Saving the world

  • John Ehrenfeld

    September 26, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    Again yes. It is the inner change that, ultimately, matters. That is my point, and I got it from Iain. Behaviors reflect the balance of the hemisphere so if you want to change behaviors, you have to change the way the brain works. And you have to change behaviors because they are what makes the world what it is. But changing behaviors needs to be done by external means, imposing practices that force the right brain to retake the position of master. This is to counter modern cultures that do just the opposite, as Iain writes in TMAHE. The structure of modernity favors the left hemisphere and will continue to do so until the societal (institutional) structure is transformed. Mindfulness exercises, for example, can help. So would a new emphasis on pragmatic inquiry and problem solving (right), instead of the dominance of theory-based frameworks (left). I attach a recent article I wrote that has a short part about this. External change is only a means, but without it, little or no inner change will take place. Just thinking about changing the hemispheric balance won’t work because the left is now in charge and will keep it that way.