Reply To: Feedback on your experience of the new website

  • Peter Foliant

    September 24, 2022 at 10:54 am

    Hello Zak,

    I would love to help. It is common practice for Software Development to have an issue tracker. Maybe there is already some tool that the developers used? You can put all kinds of issues in such a tracker. From bugs to wishes for new functionality. A good tool provides you with an overview of all issues and with the possibility to assign issues to developers. It also needs to track the person who has contributed the issue. When an issue is solved, the person can than be notified. When a new requirement is assigned to a new release the person can be notified. When the development team works in a scrum based approach, issues and other work items are listed on a backlog and issues can be assigned to a sprint in which the issue will be solved. An example of a tool that is used a lot is Jira from Atlassian. This tool is ment to manage issue. The channels via which issues are contributed can be this forum, but also e-mail and maybe telephone. I would start with a group. Because you already have the infrastructure for that. I would not want you to have to high costs for a site that has just been started.

    PS: I did not get a notification that you replied. So I just made a group for feedback on the new site myself. I will remove that now I see you have made one already.

    PS2: If you would like to speak in person I am open to that. I am happy to contribute to this site ans its ongoing development.