Reply To: Introduction

  • Don Salmon

    September 10, 2022 at 2:37 pm

    Hi Matt:

    Glad you started a conversation. This website, as I understand it, just got started within the last week or so.

    Let’s see, I’ll introduce myself a bit. 1970s and 80s, professional pianist/composer, worked mostly with dancers. Since the 1990s, clinical psychologist, particularly interested in the integration of science and spirituality, with a focus on the work of Sri Aurobindo (one of the founders/leaders of the Indian independence movement in the early 1900s, prior to Gandhi’s arrival on the scene).

    I find that Iain’s work dovetails perfectly with the integrative approach taking by Sri Aurobindo and by numerous others in the contemplative Christian, Sufi, Tibetan Buddhist and similar communities looking to integrate science, spirituality, social action, etc.

    I also started a group (you’ll see the “BE” logo in the group list) aimed at practice – getting an experiential sense of what the various modes of attention (there’s more than 2, actually!) are.

    Hope others join in.