New book of metrical poetry published, Pan-Worldly Things

  • New book of metrical poetry published, Pan-Worldly Things

    Posted by Craig Matheson on August 4, 2023 at 11:03 am

    Pan-Worldly Things- Wipf and Stock Publishers.

    Book of rhythmical, rhyming poetry recently published.

    Shall there only still be such cadenced, chiming wordplay within song and music?

    Why is most current poetry of a non-metrical fashion or sort?

    Pan-Worldly Things: The Hermetic Realm

    of the Opposites is presented bringing it back to literature.

    The book contains 12 metrical poems for the current world in part emerging from wondering why it may seem silly to defend that there are two genders, or that medical malfeasance ever occurred, styled in an artistic, fun way to go about concerning considerations.

    The book includes discussion upon the modern iteration of the Ancient Greek philosophy to the Hermetica, through The Kybalion, in how it’s supportive to matters at hand; The Kybalion estimated as a philosophical handbook of sorts for elites — which can be tied to why the Hermetic Caduceus became the medical symbol about 100 years ago while the U.S. Eugenics movement hit a stride, as discussed within the poetry.



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