• Don Salmon

    May 12, 2023 at 12:45 pm

    Hey Mike, all great stuff. Don’t have time to respond in any detail now – Jan and I are on a 3 day home/Zoom meditation retreat with Craig Holliday.

    A suggestion to think about – I’ve done doctoral level research and incorporated postmodern philosophy, phenomenology, sweated through Heidegger, Aquinas, Abhinavagupta, and much else.

    Maybe it’s my age (soon to be 71) but my aim these days is writing in a way that a 13 year old utterly unfamiliar with any of these topics would have no problem understanding.

    I always start with:

    What is it that is aware of all this?

    I find that quite easily, in simple everyday language (for that 13 year old kid:>)) all of science and philosophy can be gotten from that starting point.

    I love what you wrote and with very few exceptions agree (and really, not disagreements just maybe a slight shift of emphasis)

    When I get back to this Monday, i’ll see if I can be any clearer. I think in my responses to you and white I’ve covered a whole bunch of different areas and have failed to make clear what my main aim is. Let’s see if the retreat helps me toward simplification and clarity!:>))