• Charles Rykken

    February 3, 2023 at 9:17 pm

    There is one thing that I believe is very important but so far I am aware of no research being done on this topic. We all know about the evolutionary argument from Dr. McGilchrist about eating(left brain) and not being eaten(right brain). There is a genetic trait that has been postulated having its existence explained by something similar. Elaine Aron has postulated the evolutionary reason for the highly sensitive person genetic trait may be due to having a relatively small portion(about 20%) of the population of a social animal species is that they would serve as sentries to warn the population of the presence of predators. This highly sensitive genetic trait exists across a wide swath of social animals. I have looked for research that ties this area of research to the work of Dr. McGilchrist and so far I have found nothing. Do you want to know if you are an hsp? Go here to take the test . Michael Pluess is a leading researcher in this area. Rather than hsp he uses the expression “sensory processing sensitivity” I believe HSPs are born with right brain dominance hardwired in from birth but, like I said, I have not seen experimental verification of this hypothesis.