Reply To: Embodied states and conscious attention

  • Whit Blauvelt

    October 6, 2023 at 11:37 pm

    A few comments, hopefully constructive …

    “Craving is an embodied state both physical & emotional” — Okay. But hunger can be a good thing, if it’s for the right foods. The rejection of hunger leads to serious physical and emotional problems. Obviously one can also eat too much. But to crave, say, a bowl of organic fruit, or to crave a stroll in a beautiful landscape … not bad things! Rather essential.

    Then “A sense of unease or disquiet … isn’t
    considered normal or good enough in our contemporary Capitalist
    Democracy.” Some argue that a sense of unease is exactly what capitalism cultivates in us, so that we will go out and buy more to try to fill the emptiness. But when you say “isn’t considered normal,” who is it you have doing the considering? If one is uneasy about some problem, and then finds a solution, one feels easier in that moment. Thus both unease and ease have their place is a good and productive life.

    If we’re to be constructive here, what would you like to construct? Do you wish to become more at ease with unease, at a meta level? Do you have cravings which make you uneasy when satisfied, or when not satisfied? I don’t wish to be the Devil’s advocate here; just trying to follow through on the themes you’ve brought to this discussion.