Reply To: Suggestions of how discussions might be framed

  • Charles Rykken

    October 7, 2023 at 12:54 am

    This may well be a right brain vs left brain issue. All through my life I have had MANY experiences of “how things are” that were later backed up by hard data. When I expressed those views, I was often scoffed at as someone whose head was in the clouds. One of the most important intuitions was that holism was a better basis for scientific epistemology. Of course, I am sure you are well aware that the main message of Dr. McGilchrist is exactly that. I believe I was born right brain dominant and seeing things in gestalts was my default cognitive style. When I was in graduate school for a PhD in mathematics, many of my fellow grad students thought I was some kind of hyper-genius who was going to become a famous world class mathematician. They based this on the fact that I never took notes in class but still managed to ace the course. Most students of math proceed in a linear learning style where theorem A is understood first before moving on to theorem B etc. My approach was to scan the proofs and statements of a group of theorems that would serve as anchor points, not unlike how a spider weaves a web. Then I would use standard proof techniques to “prove” the theorems in class(homework & exams) using the memorized theorems as I understood them. In effect, I was building castles in the sky. I have been to China and Mexico and have many friends from a wide variety of cultures. If I made a list it would be long. I “saw” the difference between boys and girls as well as men and women from before grade school. In every culture(sub-culture) I have experienced, this quality of relationship has held true. I am really surprised that you fail to see what is screamingly obvious to me. But it is typical of many men I have known that they are totally blind to this reality. I have tried numerous times to have a relationship with men that is similar to that which women experience. In EVERY case I have been accused of being a homosexual. I am really sad to hear you say that you are such a man.

    BTW, I just watched a discussion at IAI on this topic. It should be very easy to guess which of the discussants I whole heartedly endorse.