Reply To: Suggestions of how discussions might be framed

  • Charles Rykken

    September 15, 2023 at 1:25 am

    What I am saying is that men and women are different. I recommend this article

    Back in the 60s (I was there) the male dominated workforce were implacably opposed to women in the workplace. The only option acceptable was that the women fit into the male culture. This was when the word equal made its way into common parlance. Women were willing to accept those conditions as long as they were treated equally (as if they were men) I was strongly opposed to that compromise. As the above article states women have been given a raw deal. The workforce should accommodate women not the other way around. The workforce should respect the need of women as well as those of men. That is why I prefer the word fair. Fair and equal is also very acceptable to me.

    BTW here is an excellent recent article about how women and men differ in regards to personal relationships.

    Sex Differences in Intimacy Levels in Best Friendships and Romantic Partnerships

    Eiluned Pearce, Anna Machin & Robin I. M. Dunbar