Reply To: Suggestions of how discussions might be framed

  • Charles Rykken

    June 13, 2023 at 3:40 am

    I have been going through a major shift in my thinking lately. I have chronicled a lot of it in my comments above. I am settling into a new “groove” and much of the angst I was going through during the transition chronicled above is beyond passé for me now. I first discovered Iain McGilchrist through his TMAE in 2015. Since a senior in high school in 1966 I have been on a crusade to get science to adopt the vision of Goethe towards science with the primary focus being on the study of relationships from a holistic viewpoint. Goethe himself tried to do some science from that approach. One of his attempts was his theory of colors. That was a fiasco. The systems approach got a major boost in the 90s when Murray Gell-Mann started the Santa Fe Institute. I downloaded almost every article put up on their website back then. I still see what he(Iain McG) is doing in bringing hard science people around to the holistic epistemology approach to science as of extreme importance. My feeling now is that I have vented my spleen on how I see the authoritarian mindset. I started studying political psychology a little before 2000. Right now my main interest as a philosophical journalist is to pursue the research being done in social studies using the pragmatism approach of William James and others. One of the sources of extreme frustration is avoiding people like Charles Taylor. I am interested in a quasi-marxist approach in looking for practical(pragmatic?) approaches that combine psychology, especially personality theory, within a framework of philosophical pragmatism with the intent of facilitating positive change. I am also interested in the philosophy of statistics applied to non-stationary processes. I have no intention of posting anything more about the psychology of conservatives. I have already vented my spleen on that issue and my temper tantrum has abated. I see absolutely no point in continuing that diatribe. I do intend to continue my research on that general issue but I expect it will take me a year or two(or more) before I will feel confidant I have anything to say worth listening to on that subject.