Reply To: Suggestions of how discussions might be framed

  • Charles Rykken

    June 4, 2023 at 2:50 am

    I am going to attempt to explain why my intuition is so unusual. When I was eight years old I got into a discussion with my father about honesty. He favored the idea that honesty is the best policy but he also said that there was one person that I must never tell lies to and that was myself. He used the following analogy. When you are honest with yourself, your mind is like an open plain (I grew up in ND so this choice of metaphors was excellent) where you can see unobstructed from horizon to horizon in all directions. When you tell yourself a lie it is like planting a tree. The tree blocks out everything behind it. If you tell yourself enough lies you are lost in a forest of lies and you will never be able to see the truth. That idea scared the living shit out of me and that resulted in my first sacred promise to myself that I would never lie to myself. Not terribly surprising is the fact that such a promise was equivalent to a commitment to authenticity which is basically being honest with yourself. I was a substitute teacher during the 90s. I had ten years of access to children aged 5 to 18. Only the children from 5 to about 8 were authentic. Beginning about 8 or 9 they began to cave in to the pressure of socialization and became phonies. By the age of ten most of them were like Stasi informers tattling on their classmates. Basically, everyone has that point in their life where they choose to be true to themselves(authentic) of to cave in to social pressure to just fit in. This is another example of courage. The vast majority of humans who cave in in order to fit in. My IQ is 3.6z or about 1 in 6,300. I was already singled out for pariahdom by the age of eight. Going from being a class leader in second and third grade (7 and 8 years old) and having many girlfriends to being an outcast and almost no girlfriends in a one year period when the frame “you make me feel stupid” was the common epithet cast my way to explain my being a social reject. I tried to hide my intellect by never raising my hand in class and when the teacher insisted on calling on me anyway, I gave the wrong answer. I went way out of my way to not “make anyone feel stupid”. At age 11 I realized that no one gave a shit about the sacrifice I was making by being the class cipher. They were only interested in taking care of number one. That was when I decided to say say fuck ’em and I would speak out my truth and if anyone had trouble with that, it was their problem, not mine. I do try to be considerate of people’s limitations and I have many friends of average intelligence. In fact, it is easier with them than with the top ten percenters(IQ=>125) who work very hard to get into college and graduate so they can get the good paying jobs and be in the managerial/professional class. Forrest Gump was written to have an IQ of 75. That is the tenth percentile. His coworkers(if you’ve seen the movie with Tom Hanks) in I believe it was a cafe treated him like shit. The top ten percenters with IQs greater than 125 see themselves as God’s gift to humanity to lord it all over everyone else. What is really happening is that they have been groomed by the fascist over class to dominate the unwashed masses in the corporations where they are employed to be comfortable with their lowest level employees academically being treated like animals. This all happens by age ten. I have NEVER been tempted to give up my authenticity to fit in. I saw this whole system in a flash of insight when I was 13(1961). When I was in my senior year of high school(1965-66) I was toting around my personal copy of the communist Manifesto while at the same time I had read every novel written by Ayn rand and was, in fact, a subscriber to “The Objectivist Newsletter”. This has been typical of me as far back as I can remember(at least to the “age of reason” or 7 years old). I investigate ANY idea that looks interesting with no consideration as to whether it contradicts my collection of other “interesting ideas”. A year after I graduated, 1967, I was protesting against the Vietnam War and my main argument against George Kennan’s policy of containment (domino theory) was that communism was stupid and that the communist governments should be left alone because they would collapse from the corruption from within when they learned the hard way(the stupid way) that the idea of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” was an idea only an idiot would endorse. I predicted that a black market economy would develop that would eventually become the real government. I predicted it would take about twenty years. Everyone scoffed at my idea and said show me one country that went communist and then turned back. At the time no such country existed. But communism did collapse in 1989 only two years later than my prediction of 1987! There were other who predicted the collapse but none of them really understood why.,of%20Europe%E2%80%94the%20Berlin%20Wall.

    The above shows not only that my prediction was the most accurate but also earlier than anyone else’s My approach is to understand people and in doing so it is not all that hard to see large patterns of behavior. Another example was when Newt Gingrich was elected the Speaker of the House in 1994 along with Dick Armey as the majority leader. It was obvious to me that only an insane person would choose a pair of shitheads like that as their leader. For me that meant that a majority of the Republicans in the U. S. House of Representatives were totally nutso. From that fact I predicted that within twenty years the Republicans would nominate a lunatic to be President. Twenty two years later they chose Donald Trump.

    Here are some thoughts and predictions for the UK. First the term UK(United Kingdom) is terminally stupid. Hail Britannia… give me a break you don’t rule any waves and great Britain is about to break up over the idiocy of Brexit. I did a Google search of “Edmund Burke” + “Charles Dickens” and found this

    When I did a search with the exact same search term on Google Scholar I got only one hit namely

    “edmund burke” alone gets 123,000 hits

    “charles dickens” alone gets 236,000 hits

    Like I said earlier, The Brits have been thoroughly mind fucked by the royalists like Edmund Burke and like minded cowards. This has been set in stone in the minds of children by the age of ten except for a few brave souls like John Lennon. The present is now witnessing the debacle of the British public getting their national pastime of molesting the children of the Royal family being dragged out for public view by Harry. I see anyone who supports this behavior(molesting children in the Royal family) as little more than moral scum.

    Finally, I promised some predictions. Not being a longtime resident my “database” is thin so I will go for the easy ones that many people there are already predicting. The Royal family will be formally dismissed and the House of lords will suffer the same fate. All aristocratic titles will be illegal. Finally, the Church of England will be a minority church with less than ten percent of the general population being members. The class system will be jettisoned and the country will move towards the protestant countries in their politics and economics. I predict that will all happen in the next twenty years, probably much sooner.