Reply To: Suggestions of how discussions might be framed

  • Charles Rykken

    May 31, 2023 at 9:46 pm

    I realized that you are taking what I said in a personal way. First, a government can be a gangster government where not everyone is a gangster (in the metaphoric sense detailed in my other response to this posting). BTW my copy of Graeber and Wengrow is supposed to arrive by June 21! A very important paper published by Gilens and Page in 2014 from Princeton University Press

    is instructive. Dictators, oligarchs, plutocrats, gangsters etc are just words to point to the same mindset. This is the idea of might makes right. The golden rule is he who has the most gold rules. Joseph Conrad, a scion of a wealthy polish aristocratic family called capitalism “piracy with good PR”. The gangster class has been savvy to the idea of mind fucking the plebeians. This is where noblesse oblige, the old fashioned version of treacle dong economics, comes from. There is a huge amount of scholarship on this aspect of history. Most people are clueless about what the gangster class is doing right under their ignorant noses. They have had thousands of years fucking the heads of the lower classes. The divine right of kings is another example of mind fuck. Thomas Jefferson and most of the founders of American democracy were VERY WELL AWARE of what I am saying. Benjamin Franklin is famous for this interchange where his reply was “A republic, if you can keep it”,here%20alluded%20to%20was%20Mrs.

    Too many Americans have been so indoctrinated by the fascist gangster class over the last 120+ years that few can see through all the bullshit. I am not going to bore you with the very many well written books and articles that show what has been happening beginning when the robber barons(gangsters) decided it was easier to buy the U. S. government than to fight it in court. Edward L. Bernays published a little book titled “Propaganda”

    that put mind fucking on an entirely new level. The advertising industry has made it into a science with neuromarketing,pricing%2C%20and%20other%20marketing%20areas.

    I am sorry if you see what I say as a personal attack on your family or personal acquaintances. I go by hard data and couldn’t give a fuck who I insult in the process. If that turns out to be someone you know personally, just know that my barbs are aimed at behavior that is subtle and deliberately so. Monsters from hell don’t want to scream out loud to the public that they are fascist filth. As far as Joe Biden goes his debt ceiling compromise included a two year holiday from IRS audits for his fascist filth puppet masters. I despise Joe Biden.