Reply To: Suggestions of how discussions might be framed

  • zachary baker

    April 27, 2023 at 2:00 pm

    <div>apologies for my totally irrelevant reply to comment in this discussion
    feed. I am new to the channel and also online discussion. Having been
    reading McGilchrist since against criticism in around 2001, i was
    surprised at you suspicion of his potential crypto Nazism. Also, and
    surely this is the same q, his extolling of the catholic church and zen
    Buddhism being a source of suspicion. On the one hand, as a seeker for
    answers to the big questions like yourself, and coming from a long
    standing commitment to holistic thought as opposed to reductive, sharing
    your wholehearted rejection of mechanical materialism, such an
    endorsement of organised religious enterprises that are little short of
    balls out cultural colonisers, i too find hard to swallow. Context
    though, suggests that this extolling is is partial, the endorsement
    being of the ritual, spiritual, archetypal, unmeasurable qualities of
    experience that can be championed through these belief systems as
    opposed to an apology for any of their associated with Nazism or
    Japanese militarism. Imo, he sometimes gestures in one direction in
    order to make aparticular point emerge and stick while consciously
    ignoring other implications that could arise should the gesture be taken
    as a declaration rather than the modelling of a position within the
    context of, for example, which aspects of human experience do we need to
    recover following such a protracted period of LH predominance in our