Reply To: Suggestions of how discussions might be framed

  • Charles Rykken

    April 19, 2023 at 1:05 am

    I can see I am posting too much but there is one last thing for today. I just finished watching a YouTube video for the second time and have decided that I do not need to support nor hold back mentioning it. I will let it speak for itself. The fact that Heidegger went to his grave with no apology nor explanation about his relationship with the Nazis was always troubling for me. My relationship with Buddhism has been going through a chill period as well. I sense a gross lack of honesty in both Heidegger and the Buddhists. I even am beginning to wonder if Dr. McGilchrist himself is a crypto-nazi. I have repeatedly attempted to get him to talk about Brian Victoria and the response has been zilch. This video is a full frontal attack on the character of Heidegger and if they are correct in what they say it is a well deserved attack. The reason I despise armchair philosophers so much is their willful ignorance of science. This cockamamy idea that philosophy is about pure thought is such an obvious crock of shit, I am amazed anyone takes that claim seriously. The manner in how a sense of self develops is intertwined with the subjective and objective(measurable). Again, screamingly obvious. To think you can jettison the objective and carry on with the subjective alone is laughably stupid, in my personal estimation. Family and friends as well as the larger culture as well as the physical substrate or stage on which the drama of life unfolds are so complexly intertwined that to ignore any of those contributions is just stupid. There is a basic question of whether holism or reductionism should be preferred as the proper framing of epistemological questions is something that one can decide on in the early stages. I made a commitment to holism when I was 18. I understood systems of ordinary differential equations and the use of the Laplace transform in solving the equations derived from the two rules of Kirchoff in solving for RLC electrical circuits, or more generally linear circuits. I wrote the overhead transparencies that the senior physics teacher used in his high school physics classes as well as helping him grade the homework. He trusted me implicitly to be able to do that job as well as he could. I understood very well what it was I was rejecting(mechanistic materialism). But beyond that, the question of what is reality and does a self exist etc, hoary chestnuts of philosophy going back millennia, I still don’t have an answer that I feel comfortable with. But I still reject mechanistic materialism and reductionism. Here is the url for the documentary on Heidegger

    “Only a God Can Save Us” | Martin Heidegger & Nazism | A Film by Jeffrey Van Davis