Reply To: Sri Aurobindo on Intuition Beyond the Right Hemisphere

  • Don Salmon

    April 17, 2023 at 1:39 pm

    I wish I could just put a heart as big as the cosmos here.

    Sri Aurobindo uses BIG words. You don’t need to think at all about what he says. Just feel it>)

    Does that sound just absurdly New Age? Sorry. Let me try again.

    You wrote in another comment that you like the question, “What is looking out of my eyes?”

    In part of the passage I quoted, he talks about the ancient practice of imagining Brahman as a vast (non physical) space that encompasses all of our experience.

    In MUCH simpler language, Loch Kelly (who went to Nepal to study Tibetan Buddhism, by the way – Mahamudra and Dzogchen) he has a very nice sequence similar to your question.

    Can you be aware of space (the spacious awareness “surrounding” us)

    Now, can you be aware FROM space?

    Now, can you be aware AS space?

    So you feel that vast spaciousness looking through your eyes – you’re aware OF it.

    Then you shift – and you’re aware from that spaciousness – you’re aware “FROM” that which is looking through your eyes.

    Then a still more profound shift – you ARE that which is looking through your eyes.


    You know, the reason I created this group and am posting these is, so far, in another McGilchrist zoom group, in these website groups and even in those zoom conversations with Iain, I haven’t found anyone interested in connecting his work with practice. I’d so love it if you could bring your Ayurvedic/Tibetan Buddhist perspective to these conversations. I love your newsletters, by the way (I subscribed).

    Maybe a “recipe” with ghee and cumin and some other spices that we can make while opening our hearts and minds to that vast, luminous, “delicious” Presence.

    In fact, maybe an Ayurvedic cooking group here on this channel that connects with what McGilchrist has written. So many approach Ayurvedic with a kind of literal, analytic, LH approach – how interesting it would be to counter that!!