Jackson Peterson – Universal contemplation (beyond the hemispheres)

  • Jackson Peterson – Universal contemplation (beyond the hemispheres)

    Posted by Don Salmon on April 14, 2023 at 2:44 pm

    There are many practices, but simply sustaining the essence of present awareness includes them all.

    Your mind won’t be found elsewhere.

    It is the very nature of this moment-to-moment thinking.

    Regard nakedly the essence of this thinking and you find present awareness, right where you are.

    Why chase after thoughts, which are superficial ripples of present awareness? Simply rest in this transparent, nondual present awareness.

    Make yourself at home in the natural state of pure presence, just being, not doing anything in particular.

    Simply recognize this.

    Look into the magical mirror of mind and appreciate this infinite magical display.

    With constant, vigilant mindfulness, sustain this recognition of empty, open, brilliant awareness.

    Cultivate nothing else.

    There is nothing else to do, or to undo.

    Let it remain naturally.

    Don’t spoil it by manipulating, by controlling, by tampering with it, and worrying about whether you are right or wrong, or having a good meditation or a bad meditation. Leave it as it is, and rest your weary heart and mind.

    There are innumerable teachings.

    But the root, the heart of all practices is included here, in simply sustaining the luminous nature of this present awareness.

    Simply sustain present wakefulness, moment after moment.

    Devotion, compassion, and perfecting virtue and wisdom are the most important supportive methods for completely fulfilling this naked, nondual teaching about present awareness

    So always devote yourself to spiritual practice for the benefit of others and apply yourself in body, speech, and mind to what is wholesome and virtuous.

    Sarva mangalam.
    May all beings be happy!

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  • Lucy Fleetwood

    April 17, 2023 at 1:30 pm

    This is beautiful, so simple, and yet so hard 🙂

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