Reply To: Open for Debate

  • Craig Matheson

    January 24, 2024 at 10:20 am

    Hi Charles,

    Thank you for sharing on all that, as you’ve done.

    Firstly, I like to say that I think you are nailing it on all fronts discussed, including per:

    – CBT to Buddhism;

    how usually it seems wiser to endure the pain rather than to dope out (ahem, per Yeshua’s/Christ’s lead-by-example message? … for to somehow make some reasonable sense about such abundant vibes to suffering passed/passing around this ‘funny’ world?;

    – fighting as a means to make sense of this largely kooky, and much seemingly god-forsaken, world (at least in a way to which any given identifying-Catholic may preach oppositely; all the while, no matter how good one person’s day is going … somebody, arguably much more innocent, somewhere else in the world, is getting physically destroyed); and

    – so on.

    Secondly, reference my life as a rough go … granted CBT and other cognitive discoveries, I now much more realize that there’s ordinarily a lot to be thankful for—if one is hellbent on looking to mentally offset misery—and somebody always has it worse. But, I’d agree in that certain mental stains can last on a brain no matter how much someone else may not understand; whereby how could another plumb get the depths of another’s path & struggle granted the complexity per each human (of which Carl Jung perhaps clinically/ academically understood more per than anyone else — the term Individuation derived resultantly), where we all tend to struggle dearly in truly understanding the contents of our own respective psyches.

    That said, that which doesn’t kill apparently can make stronger in particular ways.