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  • Craig Matheson

    December 17, 2023 at 8:03 am

    For having just conferred with my managing editor at OJPP, perhaps it’s best I offer but the abstract so openly to both papers before the respective officially publish dates … so, here goes!

    Truthfully, because I’m a bit of a rookie at this publishing stuff — although perhaps up-and-coming — must be sure to tread more learned & lightly:

    DaVinci’s Mental Code: Sacred Geometrics Identified Within Psychology

    Craig Matheson

    Independent researcher, Barrie, Canada


    Objective Based upon notions to a mental vision of the Vitruvian Man, to determine if any obvious asymmetries exist within Leonardo da Vinci’s timeless schematic—which is famous for its highly symmetrical presentation.

    Methods A qualitative analysis performed upon a Vitruvian Man print (taken from the namesake Wikipedia article) to: closely examine if the man’s head is positioned to noticeably tilt toward either direction – left or right – of a dissecting line superimposed for equally splitting(vertically) the circle in the schematic; and, to closely examine the man’s eyes for any artistic asymmetry therein drawn.

    Results The man’s head is determined tilting toward his right half/hemisphere of the circle. Also noticeable: the man’s right eye appears being of a much brighter look relative to a darkness observable about his left eye: and, an outline to an inverted equilateral triangle identifiably shaded surrounding his left eye, whereas a more contrastingly circular shape appears as so shaded around his right eye.

    Discussion Once a certain awareness is drawn to such artistic anomalies, they can become so clearly observable that one may wonder if Leonardo da Vinci did as much intentionally. And if so, then why? This paper details a hypothesis necessarily built upon the assumption that Leonardo intentionally embedded such cues within his Vitruvian Man whereby speculations toward a hemispheric brain theory can be established, of such cryptic nature given a then-pronouncedly authoritarian Catholic Church, whereupon he may have figured it possible to receive credit posthumously if ever such notions were proven valid. Incidentally, the concerning analysis as to why the Vitruvian Man’s head tilts in such a fashion aligns with Dr. Iain McGilchrist’s peer-reviewed findings to a hemispheric hypothesis.

    Key words

    Vitruvian Man; hemispheric brain theory; DaVinci Code; Sacred Geometry; Leonardo da Vinci, Dr. Iain McGilchrist