Reply To: Open for Debate

  • Craig Matheson

    December 14, 2023 at 7:44 pm

    As I’m not too shy to share the theory despite how others may or may not see it, it holds that LDVinci somehow figured out what McGilchrist has (to such a hypothesis); whereby Iain seems to stop short in connecting the duo of counterbalancing respective natures per the opposite hemispheres to the notion of a naturally occurring so-called Cosmic Duality — as such a coincidence of opposites seem to be per (including, but not limited to) the:

    – North and South poles to a planet;

    – opposing ends to the spectrum of Mental Universe (Mentalism) …

    Yin and Yang;

    Good and Evil;

    Above and Below;

    Light and Dark;

    Equilateral Triangle (Tetrahedron) and Circle (Sphere),

    and so forth

    – Left vs Right

    – Up vs Down

    – Helium vs Radium (spectrum to atomic mass)

    – Positive vs Negative

    – Male vs Female

    … and anywhere else it can be seen to occur in the world, within ourselves, and beyond.

    Why couldn’t have LdaVinci encoded something like that therein the VMan schematic?

    He wasn’t smart enough to figure it out?

    From what I understand he would’ve cracked open some skull per his human anatomy analysis, thereby he would’ve known of the duo of hemispheres.

    Perhaps he somehow figured that the right hemisphere was up to something by nature of which the left hemisphere ‘stood’ naturally against.

    Plus, he studying at the Platonic Academy in Florence with Marsilio Ficino and Giovanni Pico della Miradola, and these guys studied the then-freshly translated Ancient Greek Hermetica (as Ficino – a Catholic priest – had as so allowed it to be understood in Latin), and, as with the Kybalion of a modern day, there was much concern discussed respectively therein to the notion of said Cosmic Duality