Two pieces of art argued ‘tilting right’

  • Two pieces of art argued ‘tilting right’

    Posted by Craig Matheson on December 25, 2023 at 11:10 am

    Dear Eric,

    Actually meaning what I said, from the outset per response to your original post, I was honestly at least making attempts to go along with what I thought you had in mind, whereby figuring “Who could claim to know anything in the realm of the absolute?!, … therefore he (alike most others) is probably within some degree of search”

    Hence, in furtherance, I’ll offer you these two pieces of art which arguably ‘tilt right’ overall (as some may see per an opposite light; can’t really control anyone’s reaction to anything at all short of brainwashing and/or brute force—more of older, worn Catholic measures).

    I believe the following linked pieces of art ‘tilt right’ in such a way because most would see devouring their own children as a ‘Satanic’ / Saturnistic act — with the addendum reminder that a child can be devoured as well in ways other than physically (i.e. mentally / psychologically, emotionally, energetically and so forth; vampiric frequency per earth plane).

    Having made such offering, I wish goodness to all things held dear on this day it is said a great man was born: Yeshua / Christ (as I understand names get changed over time for various reasons)

    Hopefully we all remain brave enough to see more clearly as time may pass.



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