Reply To: Intent to Write a Letter of Intent

  • Jeff Verge

    November 10, 2022 at 7:41 pm

    Hello Don

    I don’t want to say too much or overstate my chances. If I have, say, a 10% chance or even a 1% chance of getting through to the publisher, that’s the lever I’ll push on. I have a sui generis situation and, how shall I say, name recognition. I have, maybe, if at all, one shot only, if I can marry content and style in a way that appeals to an editor. If I do have that shot, it’s because I didn’t pepper the people in the books and letters departments with banal attempts to “market my personal brand”, which base transactionalism the world is drowning enough in already.

    My goal is to get Dr. McGilchrist on their radar. If, as I believe, momentum for the theory is growing, then perhaps the NYT calculus vis-a-vis the status quo will tip them into wanting to lead rather than be on the lagging side of history. Even if I were to get through, it would be reward enough to see Dr. McGilchrist’s theory get a mainstream boost among their intellectual readership. I wouldn’t expect a personalized email in any case, and besides, as the saying goes, that and $35US would get me a cup of coffee in New York.

    It’s counterintuuitive, but you sound confident and sure so I’m intrigued: Do you know of a case where starting a fire in the trenches of the NYT comments section led to a concrete action in the real world?